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What is RevOps and Why Do You Need It?

Companies are used to running sales, marketing, and IT/systems as isolated departments with a field expert at the helm who uses expertise, skills, and knowledge of those areas to make them succeed. It is assumed that if each area is run well then revenue will eventually stream in. But what if the three areas were combined to develop a super-team, uniting skills and experience to generate higher revenues?

Forbes explains, “Revenue operations was created as an end-to-end process of driving revenue, from the moment a prospect considers a purchase (marketing) to when you close the deal (sales) to their renewal and upsell (CS). The result of this orchestration is faster growth and more profit.”

RevOps essentially ensures that different areas of a company are no longer siloed and that there is a cohesive approach to problem-solving and the pursuit of company objectives.

How BlueSpark Can Help You with RevOps

At BlueSpark, we take a holistic approach when it comes to business and processes. We believe that working in isolation can hold a company back. Therefore, by improving the way in which companies manage their information, define their roles and responsibilities, and understand their financials, they can achieve greater revenue. In addition, using online platforms to gather all of this information and providing access to key stakeholders can help save vital time and resources.

Here are just a few ways that we help companies achieve their RevOps goals:

Align Sales & Marketing

Why keep your teams isolated by using old-fashioned methods of communication, such as emails, and losing important information in threads when there is an alternative out there? HubSpot is a CRM software that provides all the tools needed for better communication across the company, as well as externally with customers and shareholders.

Using email means that only the people directly included in the message have access to the important information included. However, HubSpot makes contact within a company clearer and easier to track. Whether it’s accessing an invoice sent to a customer, using the shared inbox, or collaborating on a calendar, HubSpot makes sure that there is no miscommunication or duplication of information. At BlueSpark, we are Certified HubSpot Solutions Partners, and we work with many companies to help them implement and maximize their usage of HubSpot.

Understanding Your Financials

When teams work in distinct areas with little integration, financial operations are often also managed in an isolated fashion. Maybe one team has tracked their finances well and has even made savings. However, another team is finding it hard to track costs and is losing money. QuickBooks provides the tools needed for everyone in the company to input revenue, expenses, and pretty much anything else linked to the company’s financial activity onto one platform.

QuickBooks not only makes it easier to ensure that all expenses, revenue, and profits are tracked, it also allows teams to understand the finances across the company, not just in an isolated area. This can help teams to support one another in managing their finances better by sharing best practices and adapting to the most successful money management methods. At BlueSpark, we’re QuickBooks ProAdvisors, meaning that we can help you set up and maintain your monthly financial operations in QuickBooks.

Developing Excellent Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, nothing is more important than communication. Getting an email from one employee before receiving another from someone who knows nothing about your situation, can be an infuriating experience for any customer. Once again, HubSpot comes to the rescue. The CRM software not only improves in-house connectivity, but it also provides a great space for company-customer communications.

Employees are able to easily track previous correspondence with a customer using the shared inbox. If enabled, customers can also use the chat bot feature to reach out quickly about any issues they’re experiencing. Invoices, payments, and communications can be tracked to avoid miscommunication and duplicate information, making it much easier to provide excellent customer experience.

If you would like to learn more about how BlueSpark can become your RevOps team and help you maximize your revenue potential, schedule a free online consultation with us today.


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