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Productive & Connected: Hubspot CRM & Sales

Welcome to Productivity Month 2021! This past year many of us had to put our lives and businesses on hold due to the global pandemic, but now it’s time to put 2020 behind us. Each week this month we will be featuring a new productivity tool that can help you build your business back stronger than ever. All of the tools are affordable, cloud-based, and built to scale with your business. If you have questions about any of the tools featured, feel free to contact us at

In 2020, we all learned how to stay connected with friends and family digitally. This week’s productivity tool will help you do the same with your customers and business contacts. Hubspot is a customer relationship management software that allows you to provide the personalized connection you expect of friends and family to your customers without taking up all of your time. With an incredibly powerful, forever-free version, Hubspot is a great option both for companies that are just beginning to formalize communications as well as for those that already have robust marketing and outreach efforts.

What does it do?

Hubspot CRM allows you to centralize all of your customer communications in one place. You can send and receive emails, manage your contacts, create a pipeline of deals, and assign tasks and activities. Every time someone from your company interacts with a client, the activity is automatically added to the contact’s timeline, allowing you to get a complete picture of your interactions. With Hubspot, you can also scale up your communications by setting up a shared inbox, creating a chat bot, making custom meeting links that sync to your calendar, and much more.

Why does it matter?

With so many online and offline channels to communicate with your clients and prospects, it is easy to lose track of the full picture. As companies grow, team members often start to duplicate work. Customers might receive an offer in the mail from marketing, a call from sales, and an email from customer service that all contain different information. The resulting experience leads the customer to believe that the company has no idea what’s going on. Hubspot solves this problem by keeping everyone in the loop. It also provides tools that allow you to offer a personalized experience to a huge number of customers without sacrificing quality.

Why We Recommend Hubspot


Hubspot has tools available for every company, no matter the size or budget. There is a powerful, forever-free CRM if you are just getting started with contact management. From there you can scale up to an affordable Starter package with access to more tools or graduate to a robust version like Professional or Enterprise, which are used by massive Fortune 500 companies.


Hubspot is very user-friendly. It has a clean, visual layout that allows you to find what you are looking for without wasting time. Users converting from other CRM systems consistently comment that the learning curve is much faster with Hubspot than with comparable systems.


Your business is unique, and Hubspot recognizes that. When you open a new Hubspot account, it comes set up with standard fields and options that apply broadly to most businesses. But almost everything can be customized. You can add and change fields, layouts, and dashboards to meet your unique business needs.

Top Productivity Features

Meeting Links

Scheduling eats up so much unnecessary time. With Hubspot, you can create a custom meeting link that syncs directly to your calendar and displays your availability. Your contacts can then book an open spot without all of the back-and-forth.

Deal Pipelines

When you’re talking to multiple prospects, it is easy to lose track of where you are in the sales process. Hubspot’s deal pipelines allow you to see where you are at a glance. What deals need attention? What is about to close? Instead of wasting time digging through your notes, get the answers you need just by checking in on your deals.

Automation is the key to productivity growth. If you’re looking to scale, you need to find ways to automate your processes.

Sequences (Automation)

In Hubspot Sales Professional and above, you have the ability to create automated sequences, which are a series of emails or calls directed at a specific contact. Instead of remembering to follow up with a contact a week after you send an email, you can put that process on autopilot by setting up a sequence. This allows you to manage conversations with a large number of people without losing track of where you are.

Workflows (Automation)

Workflows, available in Hubspot Sales Professional and above, allow you to automate repetitive tasks. This is where you can really customize Hubspot to meet your business’s unique needs. Any repetitive process in your outreach or customer management efforts can be automated away. This could include anything from updating a field or status when a customer makes a purchase to automatically following up with prospects you haven’t spoken to in a while.

In addition to these CRM & Sales features, Hubspot also has a huge suite of tools available for Marketing, Customer Service, and Content Management. If you’re interested in learning more about Hubspot, set up a free consultation today.

We’re Hubspot Solutions Partners

Hubspot Solutions Partners are certified to help implement and maintain Hubspot accounts on behalf of their clients. As a Solutions Partner, we have direct access to Hubspot, which allows us to provide prioritized support and waive onboarding fees. We work with companies of all sizes to maximize their use of Hubspot and make sure that the implementation process is seamless. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business be more productive this year with Hubspot.

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