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Introducing BlueSpark’s Client Portal

We are excited to introduce BlueSpark’s new Client Portal, aimed at making your experience working with us as seamless as possible.

The Client Portal allows you to manage your business finances in one place, access our expert team of advisers, and leverage cutting-edge software to make your bookkeeping experience as easy and efficient as possible.


There are several key benefits that come with BlueSpark’s Client Portal, including a direct line to your Account Manager, the ability to view all of your important documents in one place, and having access to your company’s financial statements.

Here are just a few:

Message Your Account Manager

In the Client Portal, you will have a direct line of communication with your Account Manager. Instead of asking you to use Slack or another messaging program, we have a messaging system integrated into the Client Portal so that you can chat with us directly. We will be online during standard business hours to answer any of your questions. Need some more help? You can also book a time to talk with your Account Manager right from within the Client Portal.

Upload Bank Statements

Each month we need your bank & credit card statements to reconcile your accounts. Now you can add these directly in the secure Client Portal. You can just drag and drop the files from your computer, and then we will have secure access to all of the information we need to prepare your financials.

Review your Financial Statements

Once your Financial Statement is ready each month, we will share it with you in the Client Portal. You will be able to easily view and download past financial statements, so you will always have access to your business performance at any point in time.

See Your Account Status

In the Client Portal, you will also be able to view your account’s Status Overview, which includes details on your plan, add-ons, and any onboarding steps you might be missing. You can see your Onboarding Progress percentage and the steps that are missing to get your account to 100%.

Get Answers to Common Questions

In the Client Portal, we have also included a Knowledge Base of common questions. Review our onboarding steps, common QuickBooks Online questions, and much more.

Manage Your Subscription

As we continue to add features, you will also soon be able to use the Client Portal to view and manage your subscription, add a preferred payment method, and pay your bills.

We hope that the Client Portal will make working with us and managing your business finances even easier.

Ready to check out the Client Portal? Click here or simply look for the Client Portal button on the BlueSpark’s home page.

Need some help logging in or navigating the Client Portal? Book time with us here, and we would be happy to walk you through your account setup.

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